Packing for a Disney Race

This past weekend, I ran my first run Disney event and first marathon. Here is a list of things I brought with me. I know when I was preparing to run this race, I read a lot of blogs and asked lots of questions on social media. Hopefully this will be helpful. I also wrote another post of some tips and things I learned. You can click, HERE to read it. I would strongly encourage you to carry on your running shoes and anything that you don’t want to have to try and replace while you’re there in case the airline loses your luggage. I didn’t check anything in, but I was only there from Friday night to Monday morning.

Photo--330165727 (1)

I’ll just keep this simple, if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment. Some of these are no-brainers, but it was nice to have a list when I was packing.. This is what I packed:

  • Signed race waiver (if you forget you can print it off at expo)
  • CamelBak or running belt
  • Race fuel (candy corn)
  • Running shoes
  • Socks
  • Flip flops or shoes for post race recovery – I like Oofos
  • Throw away poncho (in case it rains on race morning)
  • Small blanket (in case it’s cold on race day) – I loved having it after I ran, I tend to get cold and this was nice to wear on my way back to the resort
  • Throw away clothes for pre race in case it’s cold or a blanket is fine
  • Biofreeze (I forgot mine, but luckily there was plenty on the course)
  • Chapstick
  • Face wipes (they were amazing to use after the race)
  • Sunblock
  • Sunglasses or hat
  • Epsom salts (perfect for a bath after the race)
  • Body Glide or Vaseline (I bought Body Glide at the expo and there are medical stops on the course that had Vaseline when I ran)
  • Socks
  • Underwear
  • Sports bra
  • Running costume accessories
  • Running shorts & capris (be prepared for any kind of weather)
  • Pajamas
  • Swim suit (in case you want to swim at the resort)
  • Park shoes (I wore my Oofos again)
  • Safety pins (in case there aren’t any when you get your bib and shirt)
  • Toiletries
  • Tylenol before the race and during if needed
  • Ibuprofen after the race if needed

I hope this was helpful! Good luck! 😀

Bags at the airport ready for the race!

Bags at the airport ready for the race!


Run Disney Race Tips

My bib signed by Jeff Galloway during the Health and Fitness Expo.

My bib signed by Jeff Galloway during the Health and Fitness Expo.

This past weekend, I ran the Walt Disney World Marathon. It was my first marathon and first run Disney race. I cannot begin to describe how I feel about this past weekend. If I had to put my feelings into one word it would be… incredible. °o° I accomplished a huge goal of running a marathon. A goal that I have had ever since I started running when I was first at BYU in fall of 2008. It’s been a long journey since I have begun running. I was supposed to run this race in 2015, but I had to defer to this year. At the end of 2013 I was having knee issues. It wasn’t until it got worse in February 2014 that I finally made an appointment and saw a doctor. I started Physical Therapy in Corpus Christi, but once I finished the allotted appointments from our insurance. After a few months I didn’t feel they helped at all. So I saw the doctor again and was told to get an MRI. I got the MRI and then a new physical therapist for more therapy, which helped a lot more. Anyways, I started training for the marathon around October of 2015. I definitely needed more time in order to get a better time, but I finished the marathon and I’d do it again in a heartbeat!

Disney puts on a great race! I’ve ran a few races and this one was by far the most packed, but the most organized. The only thing you need to worry about is carb loading the day before, waking up on time, and getting your clothes on. Everything else is a walk in the park. 😀 About a month before the race, Disney will send you an event guide. I recommend you read it and get familiar with expo, bus, and race times, etc so you can plan your run-cation accordingly.

Another is getting a run in with your costume, if you plan on wearing one. So you can make adjustments necessary so you’re more comfortable. I’d also recommend having a CamelBak or fuel belt. You’ll want your phone and definitely fuel. I know Disney provides you with fuel on the course, but if that’s not what you’ve been training with, I would not introduce it to your body while running. I use a CamelBak, I can’t wear running belts.

After getting my costume ready, I was in bed the night before pretty early. I was actually interrupted from a flying tablet hitting my lip causing me to wake up with a bloody lip, but I survived. Haha. I was up around 0230, so I could get on the bus around 0300 to get to Epcot. I wanted to get to my corral a bit early so I could be in front so I didn’t have to be crowded and try to weave too much. That was wishful thinking, I did get in the front, but I started catching up to the other corrals and some spots on the course are very narrow. I weaved a lot, but still enjoyed it.

Laying out my costume the night before.

Laying out my costume the night before.

They had plenty of water/Powerade stops and a quite a few medial tent stops with Biofreeze. I slathered that stuff on my quads a couple of times during the race. The medical stops also had Tylenol, but they only let you have one dose and they write down your race bib so you cannot get more. They also had bananas during mile 11.4 and 18.3. Then at mile 15.4 and  19.4 they had Clif bar products. My favorite was at mile 17.1 when we got nice cold wet sponges. Those really felt amazing on my face. The last goody stop was at mile 22.5, where they had Dove chocolates. I picked a couple up and gave to Travis, my husband, at the end of the race. I didn’t stop and eat any bananas or Clif bar shots, I brought my own fuel in my CamelBak. I only stopped for Powerade. I’m glad I brought my CamelBak with water. That gave me more time to stop with characters since I didn’t need to stop for water. In my CamelBak, I had my phone, chapstick, body glide, and fuel. Very handy during the race!

At the end of the race, you’re going to want to take your running shoes off – at least I wanted to. So I had my husband put some things in his backpack. Since he had a backpack, I didn’t need to do any gear check before the race, which was nice. He had Cetaphil face wipes, Oofos flip flops, small blanket, and my compression socks. It felt good to wipe my legs and face after the race and put on my Oofos. Those things are amazing! They definitely deserve all the hype. I have plantar fasciitis and those make my feet feel great. After I wiped my face and took most of my costume off, we headed to the bus to get back to our resort where I took an epsom salt bath, drank some Powerade, and ate some of the snacks from the run Disney snack box we were handed at the finish line.


Snack box runners received after getting their medals. The cheese with the tortilla chips tasted amazing! I ate these while soaking in the tub with my epsom salts 😉

I’ll do another post of things I packed that might be helpful. If you have any questions or other tips, feel free to leave a comment! Thanks for reading.

My anchor holding me up so I can show off my medal in front of my Castle. <3

My anchor holding me up so I can show off my medal in front of my Castle. ❤

Simplicity 1249

Just like last year, I made a dress for a military ball this year. My husband and I weren’t able to make it to the Navy ball, but we were able to make it to the Strike Fighter Ball. This ball is only for pilots and flight officers in the fighter community. It was a blast to say the least! As usual, the Navy knows how to party.

Out of the three ball gowns I’ve made, this one is probably my least favorite. I love the sleeves on this one much more than last year’s, Simplicity 2053, dress. My favorite, despite the color, was my first ball gown I have ever made the Simplicity 1909.


Anyways, this year I made a Navy blue dress, it looked more like blurple (blue-purple) in the store, which made me excited. It turned out just blue in the pictures though. I used a David Tutera stretch taffeta from JoAnn’s Fabric store. I really liked working with the stretch taffeta, it was much more manageable than crepe back satin. I used view C to make my dress, but didn’t put any lace over it. I wanted a nice place dress for the ball. I also made it solely on my serger and my Featherweight! She is such a good little machine. It made making this dress fun!


Sewing the dress on my Featherweight!

It took me about three days to make. I don’t think I’d make this dress again, I might do view B if I did and use it as a nice little black dress. I made a size 14 and should have gone with a 12. I had to bring in the dress quite a bit, which is probably why I don’t want to make this dress again. I also had to cut off about 5 inches from the skirt length so I could walk in it. I usually have to make my dresses shorter, but 5 inches is a lot especially when I am wearing platform heels that give me lots of height. I also didn’t like that my fabric I was working with didn’t have a right or wrong side. That made doing the sleeves difficult. I hate doing sleeves in the first place and luckily my husband was there to help me understand the pattern.


Pattern pieces for the sleeves and neckline.

Once I figured out my sizing from measuring myself, I went to a 14, but should’ve stayed with the recommended 12. I sometimes think I’m bigger than I am. Haha. I guess I’d rather have made it too big than too small. So that’s a good thing. After figuring out my bust size, the directions are fairly simple in figuring out which size to cut, I started cutting the pattern. This is always tedious work.


Pattern pieces for the sleeves and neckline.

After cutting the pattern and following the directions of putting the sides and front then back and sides together… I was at the point where in the directions, you are supposed to put the wrong sides together then add the sleeves. Then you’re supposed to try it on and make markings of where you need to take in or let out. I wish I would have gone against the directions and skipped all this. It seemed pointless to me. I guess if you’re a very oddly shaped person it could help. All I did was learn that I need to bring the waist in about 2-3 inches each side and make it all a little smaller. Then you take all the work you just did apart and assemble it the right way and sew where you made your markings.

Then you work on the invisible zipper (I still need an invisible zipper foot, FYI) and then the neckline.  From here on out the directions were simple and easy to follow.


Before finishing the back zipper portion and attaching the rest of the skirt!

I didn’t really follow the directions for finishing the top zipper portion, I just sewed so it looked good and then hung the skirt up overnight so it could “settle” as the directions say. Then in the morning I put my heels on and had my husband help with making the marking so I could hem it. I cut about 5 inches off the skirt and them hemmed it. That’s a lot to take off especially even when I’m in huge platform heels.

Anyways… Here is my finished dress…


Note: I am not wearing heels in this photo.


My handsome date wearing the matching cummerbund and bow tie I made.


Singer Featherweight 221

Cleaned and ready to go!

My Singer Featherweight cleaned and ready to go!

This past year or so I’ve been wanting a vintage sewing machine. They were built better back in the day and looked so much more elegant. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Singer Stylist 7258 model and my new Singer ProFinish serger.I just wanted a machine that I could take apart and do my own maintenance. These old machines were built to last and it shows!

So here is my beautiful 1945 Featherweight! I know she’s from 1945 because of her serial number. If you go to ISMACS International website, you can look up your sewing machine date information from the serial number! I learned that mine also has some blackside properties. She looks like a regular Featherweight, but has some darker parts. The presser bar level is black not chrome, stitch length indicator is black, handwheel is black, and some of her accessories are also black. Some machines are blackside due to WWII and that chromium was in such short supply that it was restricted for war material use only. Click HERE for more information on the blackside Featherweight.

Before we cleaned her up.

Basically last Friday (August 21st), a man posted on Craigslist that he had a Featherweight for sale and once I saw that advertisement, I knew I had to have a Featherweight. This started my obsession. I’ve since done plenty of research on these babies and man are they popular. I actually got a pretty good deal too compared to other Ebay prices and other Craigslist ads too. She has all original parts and all her decals are in perfect condition. You’ll see a lot of these have faded decals and the paint having some gouges or chips.

On Saturday, we headed to the man’s house (he was having an estate sale) and he saved the machine for me to come look at it. The motor worked and the light worked and so we came home with her. I named her Euphagenia (from Mrs. Doubtfire) or Effie for short.


In the middle of cleaning Effie up, her face plate is off.

We used q-tips and a clean microfiber cloth to clean her up and used kerosene to get rid of the old oil. Then we used Zymol wax to clean and put a protective coat on her decals. There are a few different places online to get info on cleaning and maintaining Featherweights. I personally like April 1930s website and Nova Montgomery’s website for useful information. I’ve also purchased from both sites. April 1930’s has excellent customer service and is extremely fast. Nova’s is great as well. They both have a plethora of information and love to help.

After waxing, we replaced Effie’s bulb and got her an LED bulb. We also oiled her and lubed her up. You can easily use the manual to teach you how to oil and lube the machine, but there are also blogs on it as well. I’d also recommend buying Featherweight 221 – The Perfect Portable by Nancy Johnson-Srebro and The Featherweight 221 and I by David McCallum. David McCallum also has a DVD and I do have it, I just haven’t used it yet. I purchased David’s book and DVD as a bundle set from April 1930s. I bought Nancy’s book from Amazon.

Helpful books for your Featherweight!

Helpful books for your Featherweight!

First T Shirt Quilt


I have finally finished my first t-shirt quilt! It was, in all honesty, a fairly easy project. The hardest part is the cutting, it’s so time consuming. If I really cared about the end size of my quilt, I’d think another hard part would be figuring out how big you need to cut the shirts to make the size of quilt you wanted. I knew I didn’t want a baby/lap quilt or a king size, so I was happy with anywhere in the middle. This is going to be a quick “how to” because there are so many ways to quilt and so many blogs that do a great job and explaining the process. It is fairly simple. The one rule that I’d like to pass on, that my mother instilled in me, is… “there are no rules for quilting”

Materials needed:

  • LOTS of shirts
  • Fabric scissors
  • Rotary cutter and mat
  • Ruler
  • Grey thread (whatever color you want)
  • Sheet (or fabric for the backing)
  • Batting
  • Yarn
  • Yarn needle
  • Binding
  • Quilting safety pins (to baste quilt sandwich together)

20150612_120825Once I had all the shirts cut and sized, I played with the layout of the shirts. And no, I did not use any stabilizer. I wanted my quilt really soft. There are people who have to use stabilizer and those who don’t care. I find there are pros and cons to both. For my next shirt quilt, I will try and use stabilizer. I think my quilt turned out perfect without it though.

Next I had to start sewing the shirts together. I sewed them by rows  first. Then I sewed the rows together. Then I made a border with my sheet. It was a Cal king sized sheet and so there was plenty of fabric. You can click HERE to see how I did it. It actually is a great way to make your quilt even. When sewing shirts/blocks together the quilt can become uneven.

20150621_185538Once they were sewed together I cut my batting (I used cheap polyester low loft batting from Walmart). I cut it a little bigger than the shirts, basically a few inches of the batting was sticking out from the edges. I also cut my old sheet (back of the quilt) the same size.

Then I made the quilt sandwich. This is where you put all your layers together and use your safety pins to make is stay and thus… start the quilting process!!! I actually sewed around the edges (where the silver border and shirts meet) of my quilt to make sure it wouldn’t come apart. Then with my yarn, I quilted it.

Then I cut the edges of the quilt sandwich to make it all uniform and even. Last I sewed on my nice white binding to put it all together. Throughout the entire quilt, I did use a 1/4 inch seam allowance. There are plenty of tutorials on Pinterest on how to do each individual part of the quilt, if you need assistance. The part I needed the most help on was adding the border to even out the quilt.

It isn’t perfect, but that’s what makes it a quilt!

Simplicity 2053 Dress

Just like last year, I decided to make my dress for the Navy ball. I started Tuesday night and finished everything, but the hemming. I did change up the dress a little. Since I was using a polyester spandex blend fabric, I decided to not have a zipper – I would just pull it over my head. I did size 10 and it fit okay, I could have brought it in a little more, but I’m only wearing this dress once (at least that is what I plan) and so I really didn’t want to spend a bunch of time on it. I did view F on the pattern with the sleeves from view D. I also, didn’t put the buttons on the sleeves either and I gathered the back portion of the skirt so it would match up with the darts. That should not have been a problem, but since I didn’t use a zipper and I cut the back skirt on the bias, it made it a little big.

I’m glad my mother was here visiting so she could be a part of the dress! She’s amazing. The gold fabric, my husband and I chose, was chosen because he just received his wings of gold – we like to match and be cute. Haha. He’s now a naval aviator and will be flying super hornets! I am so proud!

Getting to work with my mom, who was visiting for my husband's winging !

Getting to work with my mom, who was visiting for my husband’s winging!

This pattern was fairly simple and easy to cut out. I liked it better than cutting out the satin from last year’s dress. It took me about 2 days to make. Technically, it was all done in one night (5 hours), but I just needed to put my wedges on that I was going to wear with the dress and hem it.

Here's the pinning of the pleats. They looked funky and it weird spots, but it turned out perfect when you had to match the bodice up.

Here’s the pinning of the pleats. They looked funky and it weird spots, but it turned out perfect when you had to match the bodice up.

The directions were a tad unclear about the pleats and I do not understand that extra little fabric tail – it served no purpose. I just matched up the top line with the second line and sewed those together. Then I matched the third with the fourth and so on.

Gathering at the back of the skirt so the darts would match up.

Gathering at the back of the skirt so the darts would match up.

Since I was not adding a zipper, I think I cut out a little too much fabric, especially on the bottom skirt. I just cut the pattern piece on the bias so there wouldn’t be a seam since I didn’t need one because of not having the zipper added. So to fix that and to make the darts match up, my mom and I just gathered it. It didn’t turn out too bad actually. I hate gathering, by the way. I’d rather make pleats (but NOT darts, I hate darts).

Getting ready for the ball and making sure we have everything.

Getting ready for the ball and making sure we have everything.

The dress turned out really well. I am not a fan of the sleeves at all. I should have just gathered them instead of making the two pleats. I just don’t like sleeves that come out far from my shoulders, I am kinda petite and I don’t think it looks that great on me. I fixed that by wearing my hair down, so it wouldn’t’ draw a lot of attention to that area. This fabric was not too bad to work with, it’s stretch, but not forgiving if you make a mistake. Be careful that you don’t have to seam rip anything because the holes will show. Also, if you sew too close to the edge and the thread tension messes up, it will look a little melted on the fabric because of the gathering and folding.

Front of the dress!

Front of the dress!



My handsome newly winged aviator!

My handsome newly winged aviator!


EMT Training

Wearing the sweatshirt my husband bought for me!

It has been a while since I’ve posted here. I have two other blogs that keep my busy, plus I’ve been drowning in EMT work. When I first moved to Texas with my husband, so he could continue his flight training for the Navy, I was unsure about what I wanted to do. At our last duty station, I really didn’t do much. We got a dog to keep me company and I became the Ombudsman for the training wing. I did a lot of working out and swimming on base to keep me busy. I loved doing it. I’ve actually been the smallest size in my life – besides when I was a child.

Anyways, before we moved I found a volunteer fire department here and I contacted them asking them if they would take me through EMT training if I volunteered. I actually received a call back with the answer I was looking for! I was a little nervous before we moved from Florida to Texas because I wasn’t sure if this would workout and if I could even find a job. Honestly, I dread the question along the lines of, “so what do you do?” or “how are you staying busy?” which to me sounds like… “what are you doing while Travis is away training, saving the world, and becoming an awesome human being?” I know people are asking out of sheer curiosity and love, but when I really don’t have an “awesome” answer to give back like, “oh, you know I’m getting my masters” or “I’m working at such and such a place.” It really gets to me. I’m really competitive and I want to be as successful as Travis is, yes I know that’s childish, but I like being busy. It’s who I am.

My whole life I’ve been going and going and going nonstop. My last two years of high school, I was attending the community college so that I could get my AAS degree at the time I graduated high school. Then I headed to BYU and got my BS degree before I turned 20. Then I went to DC to work. So after being in Florida and, to me, not really accomplishing much, I was a little nervous and excited for our next adventure. So this past January I started the course. I was actually the top in the class, which was really cool and I have learned a lot. This is the type of knowledge that can be used anywhere. This past Monday we had our psycho-motor skills exam, which I was nervous for. But I did have a supportive husband who let me practice on him. We have seven skills that we are graded on such as, medical assessments, trauma assessments, giving oxygen, use of tourniquets, CPR with an AED, and various other skills involved with emergency care. These are hardcore and you can easily fail them, if unprepared, but you can easily pass them too. I passed them all in one try. There were about 4 out of the 9 in our class who had at least one or more skills they had to retest.

Basically, all my dreams came to fruition. Tonight is my last night in class. I will receive my course completion certificate and then I can be on my way to take the written portion of the National Registry exam! It’s been a long 6 months, but SO worth it!

Just Finish It

This will be my third post dealing with lifestyle and fitness. This blog post title also happens to be my Twitter handle. Now, I really like the Nike slogan – Just Do It, but how often do we actually start something and never finish? This happens with many things like crafts, organization projects, eating goals, workouts, etc. I know I am not alone in this. I have always been the type of person to finish what I start. I seldom, if ever, quit. It’s just not in my nature.

When thinking of fitness and being healthy you really just have to do it – as the Nike slogan suggests. You’ll always be making changes to what you eat and how you workout. This time last year,  I wasn’t doing the workouts I am now and I definitely wasn’t eating all the foods either. Last year, I was more concerned with calories in vs. calories out and not what those calories contained (ie. a 7″ banana has 105 calories verses a Fiber One Brownie has 90 calories). If it were me last year, I would have eaten the Fiber One Brownie because it had, technically, less calories and tasted good. Now, I would most definitely go for the banana because my body needs those nutrient-dense unprocessed foods. My body works better because I fuel it better. It’s like a car, you need oil and you won’t put in nasty oil either.

So with exercise, you need to just finish the workout. There are plenty of YouTube workout videos out there to satisfy your needs and desires. There are 5-minute ones and even ones for those who are just starting to workout. There are definitely more advanced out there too. The thing that you need to do though is… Finish it. Don’t give up. First, be like Nike and JUST DO IT. Then be like me and JUST FINISH IT.

Benefits of REGULAR exercise: (3-6 times a week)

  • Boosts energy
  • Reverses the detrimental effects of stress
  • Lifts depression
  • Happier
  • Builds self-esteem and improves body image
  • Reduces risk of dying prematurely from heart disease and others from lack of exercise
  • Aides in reducing blood pressure
  • Helps control weight
  • Build muscles to help you move better
  • Helps build and maintain healthy bones, muscles, and joints
  • Prevent cognitive decline and sharpen brain memory
  • Helps control addiction
  • Inspire others
  • Wards off viruses and other sicknesses
  • Detoxifies body
  • Reduces body fat
  • Boosts decision making skills

23 Things To Do Before You’re Dead

Recently, a friend of mine posted another blog post on Facebook about this lady refuting another woman’s “23 things to do instead of getting engaged at 23” list. I read both blogs and have to say, I prefer the refuting post. The “close-minded” girl claims she wrote her piece in satire. Anyways, I’m just going to write my own 23 things to do with my husband or to do alone because marriage does not mean we are attached at the hip 24/7. Here is my list of 23 things to do and keep improving before you’re 23, even before you’re 1,349,384,304 years old….

1. Forgive and forget – love your family and treat them as Christ would.

2. Learn to write and read.

3. Learn to work with  your hands like; sew, crochet, paint, etc. Learn some skill that’s useful in case of hard times.

4. Start learning to keep a journal/blog or some form of record keeping to prove you lived.

5. Learn to love water and drink plenty of it!

6. Love your body and work to make it better – do sports, practice yoga, lift weights, run daily, etc. BE HEALTHY!

7. Get a passport and travel, if your expenses allow it. If not, SAVE.

8. Keep a budget and only buy things you can afford – stay out of debt.

9. Find your best friend and marry them! This world is so much better when they’re apart of it.

10. Stay true to yourself and to your values. Don’t waiver for anyone.

11. Start your own bucket list/ before I die list and try to complete a few a year and add on more.

12. Learn to keep your home clean/ organize.

13. Be spontaneous – eat that whole pie if you want.

14. Spend holidays with loved ones.

15. Fail. Learn from it.

16. Don’t put others down.

17. Be an example.

18. Go to church.

19. Sing in the car.

20. Have lots of sex with your spouse!

21. Get up and bake in the middle of the night.

22. Maintain your body and keep it clean – Don’t do drugs or anything that would harm your beautiful mind and body.

23. Make your own 23 things list and try to live by it.

I know… It’s a pretty vague list, but I think doing these and trying to do them will make you a better person. I’m all for improving myself and trying to improve others.

Double Layered Skirt

Recently, well perhaps a few weeks ago, I purchased 3 yards of Cinderella fabric form Etsy. I am absolutely in love with ANYTHING Cinderella. Seriously. It’s ridiculous. I just heard about the New Balance Cinderella running shoes coming out next year, and I already want to have them in my closet. I don’t even like New Balance, I use Brooks Ravenna running shoes – they’ve been the best for my feet. Anyways, I’m going to try to figure out a way to justify me getting them… Ideas? Send them my way! So I looked around on Pinterest for some inspiration on a new skirt style using elastic. I already have a tiered skirt that I made last year for the 4th of July. I wanted something a little special for my Cinderella fabric and something I could make easily without screwing up. I’ll also make a matching bow tie for my husband to wear with it. We like to match… Complete nerds? ABSOLUTELY! I made him a bow tie to match my American flag skirt. He was down with the idea of having a Cinderella bow tie. I have the BEST husband ever! So here is my quick tutorial on making a double layered skirt. It’s basically two skirts on top of each other with the skirt closest to the body being about 4-5 inches longer than the top layer.


  • 1.5-2 yards of cotton blend fabric
  • Package (usually 3 yards in a package) of bias binding (opt.)
  • Waist band elastic (whatever thickness you’d like – I personally like thinner for this skirt)
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Pins
  • Safety pin to thread the elastic through the waist band
  • Thread to match the bias tape and skirt. (I used purple and white)
  • Sewing machine


Cut your fabric to your measurements for the bottom and top skirt. You don’t need to cut your skirt layer in one piece – if you have smaller pieces of fabric, you can cut the skirt into two pieces and make two seams instead of one. I am pretty small, my waist is 25 inches, so I just used my fabric the way it was and just cut the length I needed.

Skirt width: measure around your waist and you can double that (makes a fuller skirt) or multiply that by 1.5 (not as full). It’s a matter of preference to what you want!

Bottom skirt length: (Longer skirt length) Measure from the waist down to where you’d like the skirt to end. If you will be using bias tape then you don’t need to add any more to the length because you won’t be making a seam. If you don’t want to use bias tape then I would add 1 & 1/2 inches to the bottom.

Top layer skirt length: (shorter skirt length) My top  layer skirt was cut about about 5 inches shorter. If you’re making a child skirt, I’d probably go 2-3 inches, but to make it proportionate and look good, I did 5 inches.

Once you figure out your measurements, you can start cutting your fabric!


Each layer will be sewn separately then joined together. I put the bias tape on the bottom of the skirts and sewed them on. If you don’t want to use bias tape, then you can make your hems now. I like doing the tape/hems now, before I sew the side seams because when I make my side seam on the skirt, I like the tape to look good and go in the seam, if that makes sense. If you aren’t sure how to sew bias tape to a fabric edge, click HERE.


You should have two skirt layers now. Stuff the longer layer inside the shorter layer and match them up at the top of the skirt. Make sure you have the fabric facing the way it should look when you’re wearing the skirt. Now, pin the two layers together and baste stitch at the top of the skirt.


Once you baste stitch, you’re going to fold the top part of the skirt over, to the inside about 1/4 inch or smaller, and sew it in place. This will finish the top of the skirt and make it look good. Or you can use bias tape at the top to bring it together. I didn’t like the look of it, so I didn’t use bias tape.


Cut your elastic to your waist size minus an inch (or however you’d like it to fit) and then use your elastic to gauge how wide the casing needs to be. Make sure you leave an opening for the elastic to come in and out! I used pins to help me remember to start and stop. Then you’ll sew around the skirt making the casing – sewing the two skirt layers together.


Now, insert the elastic between the two skirt layers and into the opening hole using the safety pin to weed it through. Then sew the ends together, make sure the elastic is flat and not twisted inside the casing. Unless it doesn’t annoy you. Then sew the casing hole shut.

And you are FINISHED!