Me, Myself, and I

I am a short, dirty blonde, green-eyed, naval aviator wife in love with my life. Yes, I am very proud to be a military wife. My husband is my world. Since I don’t always feel important, I decided to make a blog about myself – my struggles, triumphs, passions, and occasional rants that I may have. 😛

I am a graduate from Brigham Young University – Provo. I have my Bachelor’s in public health with a business management minor. I am currently seeking an MS in some form of a healthy-lifestyle-fitness-type degree. I have a huge passion for counterfeit drugs. I wrote a paper on the topic when I was a junior in college and even had the luxury of having it published. I am now finishing my training to become an EMT.

My husband and I met in Virginia October 9, 2010 during a church YSA (Young Single Adult) activity called Fall Festival. I was wearing Army PT gear and my husband was dressed in his dad’s flight suit (his dad flew P-3s for the Navy). That’s where our adventure began together. We are best friends and we fit so well together. We may not look at all alike (thank Heavens), but we are twin souls. True fact! We also belong to the true church of Jesus Christ called the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (aka Mormons).

We don’t have children yet. Say what? Mormon and married over two years with no kids?! Gasp! Instead we have an adorable little Miniature Pinscher named Chupacabra. Yes, I am obsessed with that word and since we have brains we will not be naming any of our children that. So our adorable Min Pin got the name. Haha. Basically, she’s the cutest Min Pin ever! Even rings the bell to go bathroom outside. We rescued her from Craigslist. I say rescued because she was in bad bad bad shape when we got her. She had scabs all up and down her neck, had intestinal parasites, and on top of that was so dirty she turned the bath water coffee-like and smelled of cow poop and cigarettes. She’s perfect now. Chupa hops in the tub when it’s bath-time (even though she doesn’t like it) and never barks.

This blog is solely for my growth and progress as a human being. I’m always striving to be and live better. Each tomorrow brings new challenges and new wins. I am pretty competitive and life to me is a race, but that doesn’t mean I’m trying to do everything fast. It means that I am trying to keep myself at a good pace and keep myself “hydrated” so I can run and live my life to its fullest by enjoying the things I love and even the things that annoy me.


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