Anchored Forever

Here is the story of my husband and I…

We met in Virginia on October 9, 2010 during a church YSA (Young Single Adult) activity called Fall Festival. I was wearing Army PT gear and Travis was dressed in his dad’s flight suit. This Fall Festival was the epitome of church YSA activities. We both asked the friends that we came with if we could leave and go do something else, but those two (Greg and Christina) had a better idea…

Christina saw two guys standing in the distance and told me that we should stay stay there by the table. Greg, the guy Travis was hanging with, told Travis that they should come talk to Christina and I. Greg and I talked first while Christina and Travis talked. Then Greg and Christina wanted to go get candy apples, this is where Travis and I expressed our dislike for candy apples and this began our conversation together. We stuck around each other talking for quite sometime and at the end of the night all of them exchanged phone numbers. Honestly, neither of us expected anything to come from it, but little did we know what was in store.

We first “hung out” or went on a “date” together a few weeks after we met. I drove up to the Academy after work one day to watch Top Gun with him since I hadn’t seen it before. I know… My dad was in the Navy and it’s blasphemy that I hadn’t seen it before. Travis even thought that it was preposterous. I brought him cookies, which turned out hard due to an oven that has messed up temperature settings. We ended up talking the entire movie. Then we saw each other again in November, we went bowling with Christina at Annapolis Bowl. During Thanksgiving we didn’t keep in touch that much, Travis was a little too preoccupied and I didn’t have the energy to care. Haha. Then during his Christmas break in he called me up when he was at the airport in Denver on a layover telling me that he was sick and was on his way to Utah. During his whole Christmas break we texted and talked on the phone. Every. Single. Night.

When Travis came back to the east coast on January 7, 2011. He traveled down Virginia to see me. This is when they became a couple. That night I shaved his beard off (I tried) and we watched Toy Story 3 and cuddled. It was late and Travis needed to head back up to school. So I walked him out to his truck.

While we were both outside and he was about to leave, he said, “Katerina is there something you want me to ask you?” Then I responded with, “Is there something you wanted to ask me?” Then Travis asked if I would be his girlfriend. Of course, I responded with a “yes” and then “sí.” We kissed. Then he walked me back up to the front porch like a perfect gentleman. Then he drove back up to Annapolis and he came back down a few hours later and we spent the entire weekend together. We went to the National Harbor, saw the movie Tron in Virginia, and drove around just enjoying each others company.

This started our forever. He proposed July 4th, 2011 in Washington, DC during the fireworks show. We were married the following year, the day after his graduation, in the San Diego LDS temple.



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