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23 Things To Do Before You’re Dead

Recently, a friend of mine posted another blog post on Facebook about this lady refuting another woman’s “23 things to do instead of getting engaged at 23” list. I read both blogs and have to say, I prefer the refuting post. The “close-minded” girl claims she wrote her piece in satire. Anyways, I’m just going to write my own 23 things to do with my husband or to do alone because marriage does not mean we are attached at the hip 24/7. Here is my list of 23 things to do and keep improving before you’re 23, even before you’re 1,349,384,304 years old….

1. Forgive and forget – love your family and treat them as Christ would.

2. Learn to write and read.

3. Learn to work with  your hands like; sew, crochet, paint, etc. Learn some skill that’s useful in case of hard times.

4. Start learning to keep a journal/blog or some form of record keeping to prove you lived.

5. Learn to love water and drink plenty of it!

6. Love your body and work to make it better – do sports, practice yoga, lift weights, run daily, etc. BE HEALTHY!

7. Get a passport and travel, if your expenses allow it. If not, SAVE.

8. Keep a budget and only buy things you can afford – stay out of debt.

9. Find your best friend and marry them! This world is so much better when they’re apart of it.

10. Stay true to yourself and to your values. Don’t waiver for anyone.

11. Start your own bucket list/ before I die list and try to complete a few a year and add on more.

12. Learn to keep your home clean/ organize.

13. Be spontaneous – eat that whole pie if you want.

14. Spend holidays with loved ones.

15. Fail. Learn from it.

16. Don’t put others down.

17. Be an example.

18. Go to church.

19. Sing in the car.

20. Have lots of sex with your spouse!

21. Get up and bake in the middle of the night.

22. Maintain your body and keep it clean – Don’t do drugs or anything that would harm your beautiful mind and body.

23. Make your own 23 things list and try to live by it.

I know… It’s a pretty vague list, but I think doing these and trying to do them will make you a better person. I’m all for improving myself and trying to improve others.